Brand Story WEY


WEY – “The way forward”

“Instead of just creating intelligent technologies for a vehicle, we are designing unique, smart and seamlessly connected travel experiences for drivers and passengers.”

A new premium player is entering the European market, which enables users to lead a new lifestyle with more self-determination using smart technology: WEY, the premium brand from the international multi-brand group Great Wall Motors (GWM). WEY’s luxury plug-in hybrid SUVs not only meet the highest standards worlwide, but also combine luxury with utility-oriented technologies.

An international team consisting of more than 1,600 designers and researchers from GWM worked for five years on innovative solutions to equip WEY SUVs with groundbreaking intelligent technology and, above all, to rethink and combine the topics of smart driving, smart cockpit and smart device. They are therefore designed as an intelligent system – full of emotions, thinking and performance to guarantee performance.

WEY is the “new pioneer of autonomous driving”, it puts the user at the center and accelerates the transformation of Great Wall Motors from a Chinese automaker to a global technology leader for Mobility. For good reasons, WEY is the first Chinese auto brand named after its founder. Mr. Jack Wey, the CEO of GWM, is a pursuer with unprecedented courage. With a strong belief in luxury SUVs, Jack Wey combined his personal roots with the way he imagines the future. He created a Chinese luxury SUV from nothing and named it after his family. His vision determines the world a man can see, while his courage determines the world a man can build.

WEY is aimed at being the world's leading luxury SUV brand and the benchmark of China's intelligent automobile manufacturing. It is a brand born with global gene and its developers are professional elites from all over the world.

The WEY safety system achieves innovations in intelligent safety from four aspects of life, property, information and environment. It defines the „new theory of safety“ in the intelligent ecosystem of the future. It brings ubiquitous safety. At the latest round of Euro NCAP, WEY demonstrated that it can produce cars that match the best that Europe has to offer: WEY Coffee 01 outperformed in the crash test and received five stars, the highest possible rating.

WEY's unique up-pointing logo is inspired from the landmark building structure, the grand flagpole of Baoding Museum of Zhili Governor's Office, which is located at Baoding, China, the hometown of Jack Wey.

Founded in 2016, WEY is already already the best-selling premium automobile brand. Jack Wey does not leave the success of his company to chance on European soil either: In 2020, GWM entered into a cooperation with BMW in order to jointly promote electromobility. It declares the pursuit and commitment of WEY: The way forward.

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