ORA – “Charged with empathy”


“I am not just a car – I am so much more. I will accompany you through the rich experiences of life and share the joy of discovery and connection.”

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“I am not just a car – I am so much more. I will accompany you through the rich experiences of life and share the joy of discovery and connection.”

A new all-electric brand is entering the European market, offering community and friendship to the continent’s innovators and early adopters: ORA, from the chinese multi-brand group Great Wall Motor (GWM). ORA’s inviting and unique models combine style and technology into vehicles full of personality that will become more than just friends, they’ll become Car-panions.

When GWM Europe started defining ORA for the European countries, it asked how a brand gets its soul. And what makes it different and desirable. Well, the answers are complex. But clear is: a brand must have a purpose and touch the hearts and minds of people. And for ORA, this purpose is friendship – a friendship that can cross bridges and borders.

ORA’s cars invite everyone to get to know them with playful, curvilinear bodies that feel like a smile rather than the aggressive, sci-fi curves of many all-electric rivals. And a closer look shows the cars are as serious about looking good as having fun with standard spoilers and alloy wheels that help both performance and visuals. A user-centric approach guides ORA designers, as is obvious by the wraparound interiors with few clunky knobs and buttons but plenty of joie de vivre. ORA was born electric and never forgets to be eclectic.

The Funky Cat, Funky Cat GT and The Next Ora Cat want to get to know you with voice and facial recognition software so that all you have to do is slide in, fasten your seatbelt and begin your journey together. At ORA, we believe friendship is a journey, not a trip. And to keep drivers safe on the journey, ORAs are packed with next-generation driver-assistance features that not only keep everyone on the road and awake. They keep passengers also safe should things go wrong. The Funky Cat reaped a five-star rating in the NCAP safety test and keeps an eye-out with a 360-degree camera to see places drivers can’t.

ORAs cars may have started as numbers on a drawing board but they became all cat on the road because cats are friendly, agile and smart – like ORA’s next-generation, all-electric vehicles. And every cat comes equipped with enough energy for a weekend getaway, several trips to an art gallery or even a bit of sport, whether drivers are playing or watching.

ORA’s cars were imagined by innovators, built by experts and designed for today’s conscientious drivers. They will accompany their passengers to a better tomorrow. A cleaner, brighter future with infinite possibility. Hello. This is ORA, your new Car-panion. And don’t forget: ORA loves you.

GWM ORA Funky Cat full right | Press Service Center Great Wall Motor. Europe

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